Summer Camps

Terracotta Ceramics Stanley Hong Kong Pottery Studio

Looking for Creative Kids Activities this Summer?

During our summer kids camp, your kids can attend a different pottery workshop every day, five days in a row! They will learn fundamental pottery techniques, from sculpting with clay to decorating with underglaze and slip. Even better, your kids will be able to keep all their clay creations once we have fired them in our kiln*.

Summer Camp Dates for 2023:

  • 24 to 28 July (10am to 12pm)

Feel free to book our camp by filling in our registration form.

Terracotta Kids Ceramics Projects-10


Animal Mugs and Tumblers

On this day, your kids will learn to:

  • Pinch a cup form
  • Sculpt an animal of their choice
  • Attach the two halves together
  • Paint and decorate their creation

After firing your kids will get to take home their own animal themed cup


Tiles and Platters

On this day, your kids will learn to:

  • Roll out flat and even slabs of clay
  • Cut out shapes
  • Apply patterns and textures
  • Connect pieces of clay together
  • Paint and decorate their creation

After firing your kids will get to take home two tiles or platters up to the size of a large dinner plate

Terracotta Kids Ceramics Projects-01
Terracotta Kids Ceramics Projects-09

Day Three

Fairy Houses and Castles

On this day, your kids will learn to:

  • Roll out flat and even slabs of clay
  • Plan, design and build 3D structures
  • Connect walls, floors, roofs and maybe even a gargoyle
  • Paint and decorate their creation

After firing your kids will get to take home one house or castle


Freestyle Sculpture

On this day, your kids will learn to:

  • Plan their work by breaking down their chosen object into simple shapes and building blocks
  • Use their hands and basic tools to carve and form lumps of clay into their desired shape
  • Apply hollowing techniques to lighten the structure of their piece
  • Connect clay together in a seamless and robust way
  • Paint and decorate their creation

After firing your kids will get to take home one sculpted clay object

Examples of subjects could be animals, plants, robots, vehicles, people, etc

Terracotta Kids Ceramics Projects-07
Throwing Pot on a Nidec Shimpo Pottery Wheel

Day Five

Wheel Throwing

On this day, your kids will learn to:

  • Wedge clay to prepare it for the pottery wheel
  • Use the pottery wheel to create small cups and bowls

After firing your kids may get to take home one cup and one bowl. However, wheel throwing can be challenging, and results are not always guaranteed!

Please note that due to the size requirements  and challenge of throwing on the wheel, we will only offer this for kids aged 8 and above. For younger children, we are happy to suggest a more appropriate alternative. Examples include making lidded jars and vessels, as well as sculpting birds and winged creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should We Expect?

A fully guided session where the kids will learn to build and decorate a clay object based on the days theme

What Should We Bring?

Just their creativity, and we'll take care of the rest. All materials, tools and aprons are provided. While our clay is washable, we suggest that the kids wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty. This is a craft session after all, so things could get messy- which is all part of the fun!

How Long is Each Session?

Two hours long. This includes building, decorating and clean up.

How Many Kids are in Each Class?

We need a minimum of three kids to run the camp, and can accommodate up to eight children. If we don't reach the minimum number, we will contact you and refund you any class fees.

How Much is the Camp?

The camp costs 2,800 HKD. This is inclusive of instruction, materials and firing

*When Can We Collect the Pieces?

The lead time for collection can vary depending on drying time and our kiln firing schedule. We estimate that most pieces will be ready four weeks from the day of creation. This should give them ample time to dry and therefore reduce the chance of any damage to the pieces during the firing process.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

We have a strict seven day cancellation policy.

  • If you provide over seven days notice before the camp you are entitled to a full refund
  • If you provide between seven days to 48 hours notice before your camp we will be unable to offer a refund. However, we will be able to offer studio credit for other classes and workshops
  • If you provide less than 48 hours notice before the camp you will not be refunded or provided with studio credit. We are a small studio and it is unlikely we will be able to fill your seat with only 48 hours notice. But, if you are able to send a friend in your place just let us know and we are happy to accommodate them!

Will There Be Make Up Sessions?

If a class is missed, we will not be able to provide a make up session.

How Can I Register?

Please fill in our registration form.

Want to learn more?

Each workshop is two hours long, lasting from 10am to 12pm.

Pricing includes instruction, materials, glazing and firing.

If you are interested in alternative dates, please get in touch.