Adult Throwing (Pottery Wheel)

Sake Cup in Variegated Blue

How We Teach Throwing

We believe in giving people a strong foundation in the basics. This means learning to centre clay, learning to create consistent forms and then learning to create shapes. We place a lot of emphasis on the correct form, body position and muscular engagement to learn how to control clay on the wheel with efficiency and precision.

Small Bowl in Turquoise

Our Beliefs

Throwing on the pottery wheel is a meditative process

We live in an increasingly fast paced and stressful world, mediated by more and more virtual interactions. Why not take a break from screens and calls, and learn to create something physical with your hands? Making pots on the wheel requires a meditative focus that helps you concentrate on the present moment.


Feedback and encouragement and room for growth

Our throwing classes are limited to four students to ensure that you get the attention you need to learn this challenging skill. We focus on repetition throwing of basic forms such as tumblers, tea bowls and saucers before moving to more ambitious forms like vases and jars. This is because we believe this progression is the fastest and most effective way to get you throwing independently.

Small Saucer in Speckled Glaze
Small Jar in Speckled Oatmeal Glaze

Our Studio

A fun place to make pots on the wheel

We have a bright and airy studio with four very reliable Shimpo pottery wheels perfect for learning to throw pots. And we have a vast assortment of throwing tools to help you on your journey towards forming the clay vessels you've always dreamed of.

Our Promise

We'll process your ceramics with care and respect

After you've thrown a piece, we like to air dry it for around 1-2 weeks. This allows us to fire it in our kiln safely until it reaches a stage called bisque ware. You can then either opt to have this piece glazed for you at no additional charge, or you can come back to decorate it yourself in another paid workshop. We estimate that most people can collect their pieces after 3-4 weeks.

Brown Saucer with Spiral Pattern

All the ceramics above were created by adults new to the pottery wheel!

Want to learn more?

Workshops are 1.5 hours long and includes instruction, material and glazes.

Pricing ranges from 500 to 600 HKD depending on how many people are in your class, and whether or not you would like to purchase a prepaid package of lessons.

After the class, we give you the option of choosing a glaze colour, and we can apply this for you at no additional charge. However, if you would like to come back another time to decorate and paint your piece yourself we also have this as an option. This additional session is usually 45 mins to an hour, and costs 300 HKD per head.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and if you would like to learn to throw!