Adult Handbuilding

Hand Built Slab Sided Vase

How We Teach Handbuilding

We believe in teaching the basic techniques and then letting you experiment, craft and iterate. We are always on hand to provide gentle guidance and an experienced perspective. But we want your creations to be uniquely yours.

Pinch Pot Pourer with Painted Design

Our Beliefs

Clay is a quiet antidote to the stress of modern life

Modern life can be stressful and distracting. So, it can be a refreshing break to roll up your sleeves and engage in the quiet practice of building with clay. And once you've finished, you'll be rewarded by being able to use and admire something that is hand built and uniquely yours.


Plenty of advice and encouragement

We can provide highly structured lessons, but we can also be flexible in helping you to create what you envision. Clay is a flexible medium, and there are often many ways to achieve your goal. We want to direct you in a way that is achievable and enjoyable every time.

Small Pinched Bowl in Opal Blue Glaze
Turquoise Pinch Pot Planter Vase with Face Design

Our Studio

The tools to experiment

You can build in the company of your friends and family at our large communal table. And we have a ton of helpful tools, forms, templates and inspiration on hand to help. We want to be there to help you create your own project, whether that is a planter, jug, platter or anything else you desire.

Our Promise

We'll handle your clay creations with care and respect

Each piece goes through several stages in order to go from raw clay to a finished vessel or decorative object. For example, after forming they need to be dried and then bisque fired at 950ºC before they can be painted. After painting, we re-fire them at 1204ºC. We catalogue and monitor each piece as it goes through our system, so you can collect your pieces after 3-4 weeks.

Slab Built Soap Dish in Sienna Glaze

All the ceramics above were created by our adult students!

Want to learn more?

Our adult hand building classes are 1.5 hours long.

Pricing ranges from 500 HKD to 600 HKD per head depending on how many people are in your booking, and whether or not you would like to prepay for a series of classes.

All prices include instruction, clay, glazes and firing. After the class, we give you the option of choosing a glaze colour, and we can apply this for you at no additional charge. However, if you would like to come back another time to decorate and paint your piece yourself we also have this as an alternative option. This additional session is usually 45 mins to an hour, and costs 300 HKD per head.

The timeline for collecting finished pieces is usually around 3 weeks.